Mouth Guards

We offer a range of mouth guard appliances to help protect your teeth.  From sports guards to night guards, our custom-made appliances are made to fit you and only you.  

Night Guards – Night guards or occlusal guards can be the first line of defense if you clench/grind or have jaw joint issues (TMJ disorder or TMD).  These guards help to protect your teeth from extra wear and fracturing and can help to alleviate jaw pain associated with clenching and grinding.  If you have a tendency to chip/break your teeth or wake up with sore jaws, this may be the appliance for you.  The cost of repairing one broken tooth can be many times greater than the cost of the guard itself, so wearing a night guard can protect you from the detrimental effects of grinding and conserve cost in the long run.  Many insurance plans offer coverage for these appliances.  The amount of coverage varies based on the insurance plan so give us a call and we can help determine if you have coverage through your policy.

Sports Guards – Whether it’s football or hockey, sports guards are a must in contact sports.  Custom made sports guards fit perfectly to your teeth to minimize bulk and optimize performance.

In contrast to the one size fits all approach of over-the-counter type appliances, our custom lab fabricated guards create an intimate fit and offer greater comfort.  The fabrication process usually involves two appointments.   During the first appointment, impressions or molds are taken of your teeth.  Models of your teeth created from these molds are then sent to a dental laboratory where a certified lab technician creates the guards.  Once the lab returns the case,  the guards are delivered during a second appointment to check for proper fit and adjustments are made as necessary.  

For those athletes interested in making that extra statement on the field or court, our sports guards are fully customizable.  Select your favorite color or add a team logo!  

Battlefield Dental of Fredericksburg's Custom Sports Guards

Battlefield Dental of Fredericksburg’s Custom Sports Guards

Contact us and find out how to maximize protection and competitive edge during sports!