A bridge is a non-removable teeth replacement option that feels and looks natural.  Unlike dentures, bridges are cemented and therefore do not come out so you can speak and chew confidently.  Similar to the materials available for crowns, bridges can be made of all-porcelain, all-metal, or a hybrid of these materials.  When more strength is required, hybrid or metal bridges are usually indicated.  When aesthetic needs out-weight strength considerations, all-porcelain bridges may be selected.  Porcelain come in a variety of shades and help bridges and crowns to look natural.  

Bridges are anchored by teeth that are adjacent to spaces where teeth are missing.   These teeth are asked to support extra chewing forces so they must be healthy enough to act as abutments or anchor teeth.  The fabrication procedure is similar to that of a crown and requires two to three appointments.  During the process, patients wear a temporary bridge while the permanent bridge is being fabricated so you don’t have to go a day without a tooth in place.   In the absence of healthy anchor teeth, implant supported bridges may be considered.  If implants are not feasible, removable appliances like partial or complete dentures may still be indicated.   

Missing teeth often result in shifting of the bite, decreased function as well as self-confidence concerns.  If you have missing teeth and could benefit from teeth replacement, let us take a look and we’ll let you  know what your best options are!