Digital Radiographs and Photos

At Battlefield Dental of Fredericksburg, we are about as digital as it gets.  This includes our digital radiograph/x-ray and intraoral photo systems.

Digital Radiograph/ X-rays – We offer digital radiography ranging from one problem focused xray, to a full mouth set, to Panoramic xrays to see a bigger picture.  For regular small dental x-rays, we have incorporated the Nomad system paired with digital sensors.  This combination allows for crystal clear radiographs while outputting minimal radiation exposure to you and our staff.

Digital Intraoral Photos - With our intraoral camera, you will see your teeth and gums like you have never before.  These tiny cameras can capture photos of the oral environment allowing you to finally see what we see.   Isn’t it too dark in there you ask?  Don’t worry it’s got a flash!

Below is a summary of benefits with digital imaging.

  • Minimizing radiation exposure – As we mentioned above, the digital systems we use greatly reduce radiation exposure over conventional x-ray systems.  In case you like numbers and research, the following research was done by the University of North Carolina which compares the Nomad system we use to traditional x-ray systems. Click here for research by UNC on the Nomad system.
  • Instant image production – Images taken by our digital systems are instantly produced on our monitors.  There is no waiting for x-rays or photos to be developed.
  • Clear digital images – Just like digital television, our digital images are clear and can be adjusted for better diagnosis capability.  For example, the images quality can be improved and the images enlarged allowing for visualization of details not possible with traditional images.
  • Communication ability with other doctors – In case other physicians or specialists are involved, your image records can be communicated electronically without any loss of image quality.
  • Better patient education – Besides improved communication with other doctors, digital imaging has vastly improved patient education.  Not only can we and other docotrs see x-rays and photos clearly…so can you!  Images can be viewed on wall mounted screens in the treatment room, allowing you to gain a better understand of your dental health and rationale for treatment recommended.