Teeth Whitening

If you have always wanted whiter teeth or are looking for ways to maintain your current shade, we have the solutions to help you acheive these goals.  We offer prescription strength whitening systems that can be significantly more effective than over-the-counter systems.  So if you enjoy coffee, tea, or wine, our whitening systems can help you lighten your teeth so you can appropriately call them pearly whites.   Check in the specials section to see if there are currently any whitening specials or call for details.

Custom Bleach Trays – Custom whitening trays are fabricated from models of your teeth.  They fit your teeth perfectly and allow for detailed placement of the bleach solution.  These custom trays can be used repeatedly as long as no major dental work has been done.  Long term usage of custom trays involve purchasing replacement bleach refill syringes that can be more economical than over-the-counter systems.  Depending on the nature of your stains (for example extrinsic coffee stains vs intrinsic developmental stains), response to the bleaching solution can be different.  Extrinsic stains typically respond better than deep intrinsic stains.   With that in mind, we have different strengths of bleach solutions available to help you attain your whitening goals.  In rare cases though, intrinsic stains may only reach a certain level of whitening and may require other cosmetic measures to mask the deep levels of staining.   Click here for information on different whitening concentrations available.

Whitening Pen - If you are always on the go and would like an easy maintenance solution in between whitening treatments, this Zoom® Pen is perfect for you.  Keep it in your purse or pocket, brush it on, and GO!  It’s like a Tide stick for your teeth!

Bleach Refills - If you already have custom whitening trays that fit and only need refills, we offer kits from one syringe to multi-syringe kits that are typically less expensive than even over-the-counter whitening systems.  Prescription  strenght…less expensive…what’s not to like?

Contact us for more information on any of the above products.