Dentures and Removable Appliances

Even though there are many options now to replace missing teeth with “permanent” or fixed appliances, they may not be feasible for everyone.  In those situations, patients can still elect to go with removable appliances like partial or full dentures.  Dentures can range from partials that replace one tooth to full dentures which replaces every single tooth in the mouth.   Relative low cost is the main advantage of dentures, but dentures do  require an adjustment period to adapt to them.     Denture rely on other remaining teeth or the gums to retain them so how well they fit depends greatly on the condition of the supporting structures.  In cases where support is lacking, dental implants may be incorporated to help better retain denture appliances.    Dentures may also be used as temporary appliances while other more permanent treatments are being done.   For more information or to see if dentures are right for you contact us